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Redbook Magazine interview with Sara Evans

Below is an excerpt from's interview with Sara Evans. Sara's new album SLOW ME DOWN will be available everywhere next week on March 11th. Make sure to click the link at the bottom to read the whole feature

Country Star Sara Evans Gets Totally Candid About Mom Guilt, Sex on TV, and More

She also thinks of herself as Hannah Montana.

by Lauren Le Vine

Sara Evans's new album, Slow Me Down, hits stores on March 11, and we had a chance to chat with the extremely energetic and hilariously candid singer in anticipation of her seventh (!!) record's debut. Already a mom of three, Evans married quarterback-turned-sportscaster Jay Barker, who has four kids of his own. We checked in with the surprisingly unstressed singer about how she makes it all work.

Seriously, how do you coordinate everything?

"It's a constant balance and takes effort. I hate leaving my children and missing anything that they have going on. It takes a lot of organization, pre-planning, and having a backbone with the people who help with my schedule. Sometimes you sacrifice really big things in your career, but it's better to sacrifice there than with your children."

Do you ever feel guilty that you do have to leave them?

"I definitely guilt myself every time I'm getting ready to leave for a couple of days. I just go like a madwoman, getting everything organized and cooking meals. I never want Jay and the kids to feel neglected because Mommy's gone. I try to be superwoman, and sometimes I wear myself out. I've been balancing my career and children for 14 years, though, and I'm definitely in the grove with it."

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