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May 18, 2023


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Singer-songwriter Andrew Jannakos debuted a new track today, “Changing Me.” The song, written by Jannakos along with Dave Cohen, Ray Fulcher, and Lee Thomas Miller, shines a light on the ways in which being a father has inspired growth in Jannakos. Listen to “Changing Me” HERE.

“‘Changing Me’ isn’t only a song for my son. It’s a song that shows that parents grow just as much as their little ones,” Jannakos said. “We watch them grow every day, week, month. But we never sit back and see the change that they made in our lives as parents and people. They make us better.”

The cover art for the track (above) was a drawing made by his wife’s son, Brenson, who Jannakos adopted two years ago. Jannakos is celebrating the two-year anniversary of Brenson’s adoption with his new song “Changing Me,” which details the incredible bond the father and son have. Read more about his son’s adoption story in a previous interview with E! News HERE.

Earlier this year, Jannakos released his new song “Meet My Maker,” which MusicRow praised as a “wafting, lovely, pastoral ode.” Additionally, his recent release “Gettin’ There” was considered a “New Country Song You Need To Hear Right Now” by Country Now. The Nash News lauded his voice on the track, calling it “as smooth as can be.”

Jannakos has upcoming performances at Tin Roof Detroit and Tin Roof Indianapolis. For additional info, visit

About Andrew Jannakos:

Andrew Jannakos’s hit song “Gone Too Soon” in 2020 was not only a massive success, but it also served as the catalyst for massive change to come in the rising star’s life, including a move to Nashville from his hometown in Georgia, signing a record deal with Sony Music Nashville/RCA Nashville, and racking up millions of streams weekly. In the years following, Andrew began plotting his next batch of music. He moved his family to a big piece of land 50 minutes outside of the city, with plenty of space for introspection to prioritize what he wanted to say with these new songs. In the process, he found himself spending majority of his time outdoors. When the singer wasn’t perched in a deer stand, he would take his kayak down to the nearby creek and fish, and sometimes bring his son to the shore to look for crawdads – something he did when he was growing up. In the stillness he was filled creatively and rediscovered what inspires him the most…his family, nature, God, and spending time with all three. Andrew was brought back to his core and began to pen songs that are reflective of that. The result is a new batch of music he’s set to release in 2023 that’s a compilation of stories that make Andrew who he is. | Instagram | Facebook |  TikTok |  YouTube