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August 24, 2018


Arista Nashville singer-songwriter Seth Ennis has released his highly-anticipated new single, “Call Your Mama” (feat. Little Big Town) and it is now available to stream and download HERE.  The single ships to country radio Monday, August 27th, and officially impacts Monday, September 10th.
The poignant track, written by Ennis and Michael Hardy, and produced by Ennis and Jordan Reynolds, features Grammy-winning country group, Little Big Town, whose stunning four-part harmonies add to Ennis’ emotional vocal delivery; the end result being a moving tribute that has already started a social media movement.

“Call Your Mama” was written late last year on Music Row and was inspired by a series of repetitive texts Ennis received from his mother when she wanted to speak to her son. Ennis and Hardy wrote the song in under 30 minutes, the fastest to-date he has ever completed a song.

“A couple weeks after I wrote it, I was in the U.K. opening for Little Big Town,” said Ennis. “My mom ended up coming overseas and surprising me at a show.  So I decided to play the song, for the first time, and surprise her.  Karen and Kimberly were listening backstage and the second I walked off stage they said that I had to play that song in my set for the rest of the tour.  The response on the road was so amazing and special that I knew I had to cut the song and put it out.”

With Little Big Town being such a huge part of Ennis cutting the song, he asked the foursome to be a part of it, to which they quickly agreed.  Vocals were captured at Blackbird Studio in Nashville a few weeks ago.

Fans are already sending Ennis hundreds of moving messages via social media about the power of the song and the impact it has made in their lives; many expressing how it has helped them to mend an argument, inspire communication, and simply love more.

“I 100% believe music can bring healing and move people in a way that nothing else can,” said Ennis.   “I already see a movement happening with this song and that is so much bigger than me, and I’m just humbled to be a small part of it.”