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May 5, 2023


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Sony Music Nashville singer-songwriter Karley Scott Collins proudly introduces her debut EP, Hands on the Wheel, available everywhere today. With a strong creative vision, Collins’ artistry shines in every part of this project through her involvement in writing, co-producing the title track, and even hand painting her cover art. Overflowing with honest storytelling, soulful grit, and themes that explore coping with the chaos of romance in your twenties, fans will be entangled in a world of emotions from Collins’ major label debut project. 

“These songs are pieces of my heart that I’m putting back together in a collection of songs, and I hope that everyone who listens can find a piece of their heart in it too,” Collins shares about the EP. “Love, heartbreak and everything in between is such a rollercoaster, it feels like sometimes all you can do is keep your hands on the wheel.” 

Collins shines as a co-writer on all five songs and even had her hand in co-producing the title track with Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Keith Urban), a facet of creative control she enjoyed. Every aspect of this collection aims to reveal a deeper understanding of the passion Collins has for the music she creates and releases, even painting the cover art the way only “a true visionary” (Country Swag) can. Throughout the project, Collins’ unique, captivating vocal helps to elevate the compelling narrative. 

Each song touches on a different shade and emotion of what it means to go from love to heartbreak. The title track kicks off with the feeling of trying to drive away your emotions and outrun a breaking heart. “Brain On Love” highlights infatuation and the early stages of a relationship. As things shift, “Favorite Perfume” emotes the feeling of someone’s memory lingering long after they’re gone, and how hard it can be to stop your heart from loving someone. “Loose Thread” depicts the heart-racing adrenaline and pain of seeing an old flame in person for the first time after the relationship ends. Finally, “Heavenly” takes listeners through the euphoric feeling of being secure and truly happy. 

Hands on the Wheel track listing

1. “Hands on the Wheel” // Written by Karley Scott Collins, Nathan Chapman, Natalie Hemby. Produced by Nathan Chapman and Karley Scott Collins

2. “Brain on Love” // Written by Karley Scott Collins, Summer Overstreet, Cameron Bartolini, Liam Kevany. Produced by Dann Huff

3. “Favorite Perfume” // Written by Karley Scott Collins, Brock Berryhill, Brett James. Produced by Brock Berryhill

4. “Loose Thread” // Written by Karley Scott Collins, Brock Berryhill, Luke Laird. Produced by Dann Huff

5. “Heavenly” // Written by Karley Scott Collins, Nathan Chapman. Produced by Nathan Chapman. 

After wrapping last year on the road with Nate Smith, Collins will make her CMA Fest debut this June as she ramps up for a busy year ahead. Keep up with Collins on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and her website. | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube