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November 3, 2023



Singer-songwriter Karley Scott Collins puts the “real in reality” with the release of the haunting and honest track, “Heavy Metal.” Listen here.

Using her artistry and soulful grit, Collins sheds light on the heart-wrenching truths of a woman settling in a broken marriage. What was once a symbol of commitment, love, and promises quickly turns into a “Heavy Metal” weighing her down.

She’s lying to herself / Saying she’s fine / But she’s crying on the bathroom floor / That rock on her left hand’s weighing her down / But I guess she’ll settle / Wearing heavy metal”

“‘Heavy Metal’ is absolutely the most specific and personal song I’ve written and released to this point,” shared Collins. “One Wednesday afternoon a few months ago, one of my closest friends FaceTimed me in tears, sitting in her living room with a bottle of wine because her husband had done something selfish again, and it wasn’t the first time I’d gotten that call. She married someone too young, that she didn’t know well enough yet, and she felt alone – and it was really difficult to watch someone I love feel that way. I’ve seen the good side of marriage from my parents, but I’ve also seen the bad side through my friend, and some of my family, and I wanted to write about that because I think some people needed to hear that they’re not alone in what they’re going through.”

The track focuses on its strong lyrics, where Collins’ searing vocal stands strong against stark instrumentation. Collins shares producer credits with Nathan Chapman.

“We recorded a more rock version, and when it was finished, we went back in and stripped it all to the basics. ‘Less is more’ definitely meant a lot with this one, and putting the focus on the words and the story was the most important thing,” she said.

The release caps off a busy year for the songstress—from making her CMA Fest debut to touring with Larry Fleet, Collins has forged a path with a bright future ahead. Keep up with Collins on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and her website to learn more about her upcoming plans for 2024.


When Karley Scott Collins moved to Nashville from her hometown of Lake City, Fla., she arrived armed with her words – turns of phrase she’d fallen in love with, stories told to her by friends and family, and lyrics she’d jotted down in notebooks since she was 12. It’s Karley’s rich and emotionally soulful voice – an instrument that toes the line between wide-eyed wonder and world-weary knowledge – that anchors their messages. At their focal points, her songs are wrapped in lush instrumentation, neatly folding in her myriad musical influences like The Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Leonard Cohen, and Willie Nelson. Backed by Warner Chappell Publishing and Sony Nashville, her debut releases, “Heavenly” and “Tattoos,” struck a chord with critics upon release last year. Now that her debut collection Hands on the Wheel has been released, Karley has revealed a deeper look into her story and her ability to connect her past influences with her fresh take on Country music.