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July 13, 2020


Sony Music Nashville/Villa 40 recording artist Tyler Booth’s autobiographical new track “In God and Trucks We Trust” is out now. Written by Booth, Randy Montana, and long-time collaborator Phil O’Donnell, the song illustrates the hard-working, faith-filled spirit Booth relates to from growing up in a small town in Southeastern, Kentucky. Listen here.  

“When we wrote ‘In God and Trucks We Trust,’ I’d just gotten back from being on the road with Dwight Yoakam,” said Booth. “While on the road, I recall looking out the window of the sprinter van and seeing a dusty tractor out in the middle of a field somewhere in Iowa and thinking, ‘Man, they have to bust their butts for a living here too.’ To me it’s a story about how hard work, sacrifice, and the love of one another and God makes us stronger. It’s about the simple things in life that we do every day that make us a community. It’s about me, who I am, and why I am the way I am.”

“In God and Trucks We Trust” follows Booth’s debut tracks “Long Comes A Girl,” “Where The Livin’ Is,” and “Half A Mind To Go Crazy,” all of which highlight his smooth baritone vocals.